Hello, I’m Ron Alford, founder of Thought Masters, and I want to tell you that I understand what’s behind your problem.

If you have found this site, you are likely to be hurting today. The first thing that I want you to know is that are not sick.You have probably been told that you suffer from ADD, ADHD, OCD, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or any one of a number of very hard to define maladies.

Before we go any further, I would like you to read all of the information shared below and our Thought Masters FAQ page, that I have provided for you below with an open mind. I am pretty sure that you won’t have any trouble relating – for some of you, it will really resonate – some people get emotional when they recognize their own behavior. My contact information is provided and also links to a couple of other sites that might help you.Head in hands

At Thought Masters, we are specialists in teaching highly intelligent people how to undo years of stinking thinking, which delivers unwanted outcomes. This type of thinking is the root cause of anxiety, depression and other mental maladies.

No pills, shock treatments or endless wasted years of therapy here. Thinking is one thing, doing what you think is another.

In the real world there are no super people who can do two projects simultaneously. It’s one or the other, never both.

We know that what you think about is probably doable, provided you have devoted the time and place to implement your thoughts into viable action plans.

Over achievers, perfectionists, great thinkers, idealists, earth mothers, Mensa members and a myriad of others have simultaneous ideas in their head, but rarely are able to carry out those thoughts to completion due to the way they THINK.

You start all sorts of projects that never seem to get finished because another great idea comes up and takes precedence over the current project. These unfinished projects are rarely put away or trashed but left sitting where they become a constant reminder of a failed effort.

When the reality of failure strikes, anxiety, depression and other emotional symptoms may appear.  When it gets to be overwhelming psychiatric or medical help is frequently sought and more often than not the diagnosis is often referred to as ADD, ADHD, OCD’s, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other very hard to define maladies .

The result of over-learning creates anxiety and having far too many choices in your life. The primary obstacle of being able to accomplish everything you THINK about is time.

You can think about hundreds or thousands of things a day to do – these are sometimes referred to as racing thoughts.

The catch is having the time to do even one of those many things. These thoughts end up being chronic clutter in the mind that always manifest itself in material things that generally end up misplaced.

Paper, products, crafts, parts, tools, equipment, books, magazines, clothing, ephemera, even food is abandoned where it was last put to rest in order to move on to the next “project”.

The net result is that your mind creates the environment that you live and work in.

Projects and stuff everywhere! On every horizontal surface and hanging on every door and hook too. If it isn’t stopped the new stuff ends up on the floor and then on top of previous “things to do.” You know this routine, don’t you?

You think the solution is to buy a book or two on clutter management. These end up on the pile too, and create more clutter. Boxes, containers, shelves to store stuff end up as more clutter.

A cluttered mind creates a cluttered home, office, relationships, and a stressful life laden with anxiety and what the psychiatric community would like you to believe is that it is an illness or emotional malady.

Humans create their reality by thinking about it in an individualized and global manner. A tiny shift in your thoughts or your perception will induce a totally different way of experiencing your world and controlling your wants and needs.

To learn everything about Thought Masters, please see our FAQ’s.

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